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Make an appointment for an initial consultation - by telephone or by means of video counselling.

The 30-minute initial consultation is free of charge and non-binding. A thorough study of the files or legally binding information is not possible as part of the free initial consultation. In most cases, however, a solution tailored to the individual case can be outlined. This gives you a quick overview of the possibilities in the specific case. Beyond the agreed time, the consultation will then be subject to a fee, and I will be happy to advise you accordingly.

It goes without saying that our conversation will be confidential, because as a patent attorney I am obliged to maintain confidentiality in accordance with my professional code of conduct.

You can find further information on video consultation here. You can find the privacy policy here and the legal notice here.


Arkadius Dalek
Patentanwalt. European Patent Attorney. European Trade Mark Attorney.

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Entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs: Benefit from patent promotion, corporate financing and data security.
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Arkadius Dalek
Hans-Holbein-Str. 41
89520 Heidenheim


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My vision is to make it possible for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), to protect their innovations just as good as large companies do.