Whether you are a business starter, start-up or SME: my advice follows a smart overall concept

Innovations systematically remain within the company by being created, financed and legally as well as physically secured there. To this end, I sensitise entrepreneurs to establish the following three pillars of my smart overall concept in their company in a sustainable way:

1. Securing innovations legally: Industrial property rights

The aim is to expand the innovations you create as your unique selling point or monopoly. This is achieved with industrial property rights such as patents, utility models, trademarks and designs.

Patents and utility models

My strengths are patents and utility models. From drafting to granting and enforcement against competitors. Together we will discuss whether a patent or a utility model makes sense for your innovation. In cooperation with international partner law firms, I can also secure your innovations beyond the borders of Germany and Europe.


Design patents or designs usually protect the outer shape of your products: A great design that appeals to potential customers is your market advantage. Whether it is your company logo, a stylish product or the cut of your new garment - let me protect it.

Trade marks

A trademark sets your products or services apart from those of your competitors. A strong brand is immediately associated with your company. Make a name for yourself right from the start: Let us work out and define your brand strategy together. In this way you can lay the foundation for optimal marketing and your company's success.

2. Securing innovations physically: Securing and protecting data

An important aspect of my work is to show how important it is to physically secure the innovations. This is about having processes in the company that prevent the tapping of data or the theft of ideas from the outset.

Data protection

The protection of personal data is becoming increasingly important, especially in business. Often a new digital product raises questions: May we collect this form of personal data at all? Must we possibly conclude a contract with storage service providers or even end customers? Let me advise you on these topics and show your customers how carefully you handle their data: After all, data protection is a living protection of human rights.

Data and IT security

Data protection, the protection of business secrets and data security go hand in hand: In your company you need secure and established processes. In this way you also protect your innovations physically. Do you anticipate possible attacks: Or would you like to negotiate with dubious cyber criminals for money after your company's computers have been encrypted and your production has been stopped? Act now and we will develop an overall concept for your company. So that you know your data and innovations are safe.

Secrecy protection

Imagine that one of your sales representatives switches to the competition and takes your customer data and your offer prices with him. A nightmare! The still relatively new law for the protection of business secrets (German GeschäftsgeheimnisG) enables you to counter such problems in advance. I would be happy to advise you on the necessary precautions to be taken in your company.

3. Securing innovations financially: Subsidies and financing

In the past or in the future, every company asks itself the question: How do I finance my project? Are there any possibilities other than the usual bank loans? Basel III makes access to bank loans more difficult. Companies that rely solely on bank loans will find it more difficult to obtain cheap debt capital in the future. But there are solutions for this as well. Let us discuss them with you.

Public promotions

Take advantage of state subsidies for your innovations. There is a wide range of different types of support available on the market, which are specially tailored to the needs of start-ups, start-ups and SMEs. Even the first trade fair appearance or the first patent application can be subsidised by the state.

Corporate Financing

In addition to the usual bank loans, today's entrepreneurs are increasingly turning to new forms of corporate financing, such as mezzanine financing, SME bonds, SPACs. However, well-known forms of financing, such as silent partnerships and shareholder loans are also in demand. In addition, current topics such as business plan competitions, crowdfunding and employee shareholdings are also in demand. Did you know that you can also include your patents in your balance sheet as an asset in the long term?
Arkadius Dalek 
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