For the creative, idealistic, new thinkers and world changers
among you.

And for the comforting feeling of having done exactly the RIGHT thing to protect your ideas.

Arkadius Dalek

The patent attorney for global changemakers

What matters is not to have done everything, but the RIGHT thing.
Let's find our way out of the thicket of patent, design and brand together. And together find the protection you need: Never off the peg, but a perfect fit, like a pair of skinny jeans. Because you are already unique.

About me

Areas of expertise, areas of law, cooperation

Your - My clients

And what drives you

Patents - Of smart solutions

Technology, software and algorithms

Designs - Of beautiful things

Logos, products and appearance

Brands - Of brands of tomorrow

recognition, storytelling und storyselling

My mission

To give you the self-image of feeling like a hidden champion. Because you already are one.

My vision

Protect your idea just as well as a big company would.

My philosophy

Fresh, from the trade, but without jargon. Instead, with a flat joke and at eye level.
If we work together, you can draw on my experience, use your innovations to conquer new markets at home and abroad, raise your profile and become an industry leader. That is the RIGHT thing to do.

How about it, are we getting together?

My profile

Entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs: Benefit from patent promotion, corporate financing and data security.
Patent attorney ✓ Consultant network ✓

Mailing address

Arkadius Dalek
Hans-Holbein-Str. 41
89520 Heidenheim


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My vision

My vision is to make it possible for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), to protect their innovations just as good as large companies do.